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Criminal cases

The team of our Law Office offers professional legal assistance in the field of criminal law. It includes full defense of rights at all stages of the criminal proceedings, i.e. in the preparatory proceedings, i.e. investigation or investigation, as well as in the examination proceedings, i.e. proceedings before a court, as well as in criminal enforcement proceedings related to the execution of a sentence.

Our Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance to every person, both accused and crime victim, ensuring that during the whole criminal proceedings the court duly and thoroughly considers all arguments and circumstances of the case. When representing a given person in court proceedings, we always care to determine and submit to the Court all circumstances affecting the favorable resolution of our client. We make every effort to ensure that the perpetrator has suffered a well-deserved punishment, and the damage caused to our client has been repaired at the maximum amount.

Understanding the stress and the situation in which a participant in criminal proceedings may be found, we guarantee our clients constant contact and readiness to provide legal assistance in any situation, including presence during police and procedural activities.

Criminal cases and related proceedings are not obvious, as a result of which lawyers acting on behalf of our Law Firm, thanks to their knowledge and experience, take care of our Clients' interests firmly and relentlessly. They take an active line of proceedings in questioning, ask questions, undermine evidence, complain about procedural decisions. We consult the process and agree with our clients for the good of their case.

Responsible person: Kamil Kalita - lawyer

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