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Frank loans (PLN loans indexed or denominated to CHF)

Those who took loans in Swiss francs years ago, today often feel helpless and observe the current quotations of the exchange rate with great concern. High installments are a significant financial burden, which often ends with debt enforcement by the bank and the threat of losing a house or flat.

It turns out, however, that the franchise aid is real and that the holders of loans in francs can take appropriate steps to improve their situation. Therefore, our Law Firm team can take legal steps at your request to:

  •     analysis of each type of loan agreement,
  •     calculation of the loan in the amount of overpaid loan installments,
  •     development of a process strategy for the bank to return overpaid loan installments and low contribution insurance (UNWW) fees,
  •     achieving a significant reduction in the loan balance as a result of removing indexation clauses from the contract,
  •     removing abusive clauses from the contract by the court,
  •     deletion of the mortgage charged for the property due to the loan granted.

Responsible person: Jakub Głowacz - PhD in legal science

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