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Privacy Policy


  1. The Data Administrator of your personal data is “KANCELARIA PRAWNA EXPRESSIS VERBISS” based in: S. Wyszynski Sq nr 1, 26 – 400 Przysucha, NIP 6010088063 (hereinafter referred as „Data Administrator” or „DA"). The Data Administrator states that information collected through the web site are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. Above mentioned information is stored on secured servers.

  2. In order to make this document friendlier for it’s readers, term „GDPR” states for Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

  3. The DA respects privacy of the users visiting web site. Like the vast majority of web sites administrators the DA collects IP addresses of computers belonging to the users visiting, however such data are used strictly for technical and administration purposes (except geolocation) in order to help the user to reach appropriate subject. The DA does not attempt to identify users in any way. SSL is in use as well.

  4. The personal data acquired via landing page form are treated as confidential, therefore are not visible for unauthorized persons.

§2. The Data Administrator

  1. The DA acts as an administrator of it’s clients’ personal data. It means, that every user, who visits agrees to his personal data (name, telephone number, address, email, IP etc.) processing by the DA.

  2. The DA also acts as an administrator of data belonging to persons/individuals/Users that subscribed to our newsletter. newsletter.

  3. Every personal data are processed:

    1. In pursuance of provisions concerning personal data protection,

    2. In pursuance of Privacy Policy,

    3. In order to form / enter into a contract, as well as proceed with it’s alteration or termination and finally in order to fulfil it’s contractual obligations by the DA;

    4. In order to fulfil DA’s rightful goals and obligation in as long as rights of person that shares his personal data are not violated:

      1. In terms of users consent, if the user enters into contract with the DA,

      2. In terms of user consent, if the user contacts with the DA in order to acquire information concerning DA offer. This clause takes effect if the User shares it’s personal data with the DA.

      3. In terms of user consent, if the user subscribed to DA’s newsletter.

In case of personal data collection stated in subsections 1. or 2. , DA collects and processes exclusively e-mail addresses. In case of personal data process for newsletter purposes, commercial information will be delivered to the user upon it’s explicit approval. The user is entitled to cancel it’s approval at any time.

  1. Every user is entitled to acquire an access to it’s personal data in case the DA administrates them. This right means that user has a right to: data access, data correction, data removal, data process limitation, to object and finally to file a claim to the DA legal supervisor.

  2. Every user may contact DA’s Data Protection Officer using telephone: +48 725 439 290 or via e-mail: (

  3. The DA reserves the right to process User's data after termination of the Agreement or withdrawal of consent only in case of need for seeking possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain data.

  4. The DA is entitled to share users’ personal data to other legal entities according to other provisions. This refers to e.g. law enforcement.

  5. A removal of one’s personal data takes place immediately in the following cases: user’s consent cancelation, or a rightful objection has been filed.

  6. The DA is not entitled to share personal data that is collected by himself, unless specific regulations stipulate otherwise.

  7. The DA uses analysis tools that may be used for user profile creation. The DA is not entitled to mark users’ IDs / logins using their real names and other information that may compromise their true identity, unless the user agrees to do so for marketing reasons. Mentioned upon, network analysis systems use cookie files in their processes.

  8. Personal data collected by the DA will only be processed in order to meet the purpose of their collection, with compliance with each users’ consent and other provisions. Every user is entitled to access it’s personal data, as well as personal data correction, or filing an objection in order to terminate it’s personal data processing. A personal data correction will every time take place after User’s demand that has to be filed via email or written.

  9. Thanks to implementation of pseudonymization, data encryption and access control, possible negative outcome of potential security breach are minimized.

  10. User’s personal data are being processed by entities authorized by the DA or by the data Processor, that are:

    1. Mail / shipping companies;

    2. Electronic payment systems operators;

    3. Entities hired by the DA for marketing and client relations purposes.

  11. Every personal data processed by the DA may be legally acquired by state authorities as a part of their activities, especially law enforcement authorities such as: the Police, courts of law and district attorney offices.

  12. The only activity that can be done by users completely anonymously is searching for products that the DA has to offer. It is prohibited to enter into contracts, especially purchasing goods using logins or fictional data. For the purchase to gain legal force it’s necessary to provide the DA with actual personal data of the buyer according to the Privacy Policy.


  1., in it’s current form functions thanks to usage of cookies files. Cookies are called small, tiny text files sent by www server that are storaged by the users’ computer software in order to remember it’s settings. Cookies files make internet sites browsing easier, because when a web browser connects with a site that has been visited in the past, the site recognizes user’s hardware’s characteristic. That’s the way cookies file make browsing the internet easier.

  2. The DA collects information that is: IP address, browser type, language, software (operating system), internet provider, time, date, localization and finally information users’ share with via contact form.

  3. Collected data are used only for monitoring purposes in order to check how our users tend to browse our www site. This process vastly helps us to improve functionality. The entirety of information concerning our Users’ is being monitored via Google Analitics, that registers user’s behavior on our site.

  4. Cookies files identify every user in order to match the subject of the site to it’s preferences. That is being done by matching ads. Above mentioned activities are done in sole purpose – to provide our users / guests with top quality of comfort. Collected data aren’t transferred outside our organization – they are used only by us for optimization purposes.

  5. The DA uses cookies file types listed below:

    1. necessary” cookies files that make possible running our web site and providing it’s services properly e.g.: authentication cookies used for services that require authentication within the website;

    2. security” cookies files used for keeping our users safe by e.g. providing abuse detection in terms of authorization;

    3. performance” cookies files, used for gathering information about the way our users browse our website;

    4. functional” cookie files, that make „remembering” users’ settings and interface personalization possible such as: language settings, font settings, web site outlook presets, etc.;

    5. commercial” cookies, that enable directing ads to the users containing products they’re interested in.

  6. Each User is entitled to turn off cookies file gathering at any time via it’s browser settings. Each User can as well reset this settings at any time. Cookies files management manual can be found here:

  7. Every User has to be aware of that turning cookies files off can cause a negative outcome on our web site functionality. Leaving cookies file preset at random settings will cause their transfer to each user’s hardware, therefore the DA will be able to gain access to them.

  8. Every visit on our web page using browser’s default settings means that users’ hereby accept rules and provisions indicated above and hereby agrees to use them by the DA.

  9. Additional personal data such as: email address are collected exclusively in case user’s consent has been stated. Such personal data are kept by the DA for functional purposes.


  1. This Privacy Policy applies from May 25 th 2018.

  2. The DA is entitled to modify privacy policy and cookies policy at any time. Each current text of privacy policy and cookies policy will be available on the home page in folder „Privacy policy”. Prior to the release of an updated version of the Policy, the DA will inform the Users about it within 2 weeks. Every modification of the Policy will be available to inspect in „Privacy Policy” panel on home page.

1. Your personal Data Administrator (the Controller) is Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbiss based in Przysucha, Wyszynskiego Sq 1, 26 – 400 Przysucha, Poland). Every user may contact the Controller via mail: (Wyszynskiego Sq 1, 26 – 400 Przysucha), e-mail ( or telephone (+48 725 439 290).

2. The Controller states that in Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation/ GDPR) has been implemented.

3. The Controller’s Data Protection Officer is: KANCELARIA PRAWNA EXPRESSIS VERBIS SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ based in Przysucha. Every user may contact the Data Protection Officer via mail: (ul. Plac Kardynała Wyszyńskiego 1, 26-400 Przysucha), e-mail: ( or telephone (+48 725-439-290).

4. Personal data of every user are processed in pursuance to art. 6 subsection 1 a), b), c) i f) GDPR in order to fulfill Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. it’s contractual obligations. Personal data is also processed, because of: statutory obligations provided by Polish law, necessity of checking payment creditability, filing successful claims, direct marketing of Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. services, as well as profiling in order to match our offer and commercials to the Users’ preferences, financial analysis, statistics and issuing invoices and other financial documents properly.

5. The Controller processes the following Users’ personal data:

a) name,

b) telephone number,

c) address,

d) e-mail address,

e) IP address,

f) NIP – tax id (optional).

6. Users’ personal data are storaged for 5 years since their collection in pursuance of polish accountancy act dated on 29.09.1994 r. (Dz.U. z 2018 r., poz. 395 t.j.).

7. Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. may share with Users’ personal data with the following entities:

a) subcontractors, that means entities, that help Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. to fulfill it’s contractual obligations in their name, e.g.: delivery companies, payment operators etc.,

b) marketing and training companies;,

c) IT platform owners, where Users’ personal data are storaged,

d) public authorities.

8. Every User is entitled to:

a) acquire an access to it’s personal data;

b) demand it’s personal data removal;

c) demand to limit the area of processed personal data;

d) demand termination of personal data processing;

e) demand it’s personal data correction;

f) transfer it’s personal data;

g) withdraw it’s consent in terms of personal data processing at any time.

h) claim an objection to the Controller’s legal supervisor in case of it’s personal data processing is not valid and contradictory to legal provisions.

9. Users’ personal data are not to be transferred outside European Economic Area.

10. Users’ personal data are not a subject of automatic decision making nor profiling.

11. Voluntary data submission via the order form helps to fulfil by Kancelaria Prawna Expressis Verbis sp. z o. o. it’s contractual obligations. Therefore, the lack of data submission is contradictory to the contract provisions and as a result makes it’s fulfillment impossible.

Ladies and gentlemen,

contact in connection with the entry into force of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, as from 25 May 2018, and repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (general data protection regulation, the so-called RODO), we kindly inform you that our organization, ie the EXPRESSIS VERBIS Law Office, has implemented and applies the principles of personal data processing resulting from this legal act. Therefore, if you are a natural person and use or intend to use the services we provide as a consumer - please read the current version of the Privacy policy and the privacy policy [HYPERLINK] of our portal. Acceptance of their provisions is necessary when completing the registration form. In case of any doubts regarding the processing of your personal data or possible violation of your right to privacy, please contact us.
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